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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Referral program?2020-01-24T11:35:06-05:00

Anyone can join our referral program! Whether you’re a current customer or have a friend in the restaurant industry, we appreciate you spreading the word about Lavu.

What happens after I sign up?2020-01-24T11:33:18-05:00

Once you enter your email address into the form above, you’ll be enrolled as a referral partner and can instantly share your unique referral link via email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. You’ll also receive a welcome email that contains your unique referral link and login credentials to our portal. Make sure you save this email for future reference.

What type of restaurant is the best fit for Lavu?2020-01-24T11:30:58-05:00

Lavu’s platform has proven fit with a variety of restaurant types. Lavu is an industry leader in streamlining restaurant operations to simplify management, improve the customer experience, and increase sales. At Lavu, we provide a full range of products and services that help make the business of running a restaurant as efficient as possible.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?2020-01-31T19:16:23-05:00

There is no limit to the amount you can earn. However, only new customer referrals are eligible to earn a reward. Self-referrals are also excluded, but we encourage you to schedule a demo if you’re interested in learning more about Lavu. We’re always happy to chat.

When will rewards be paid out?2020-01-24T11:29:11-05:00

Rewards will only be partially paid for a completed demo ($50) and then once your referral signs and completes the onboarding period ($450). If your referral signs an annual contract then you will receive payment immediately. These rewards, also known as approved commissions, will be disbursed via bank direct deposit. Please note, webinar attendance does not count as a completed demo.

How do I track my rewards?2020-01-31T19:30:17-05:00

You can sign into our portal at any time to view and track your referrals. When you enroll in the referral program, you’ll receive a welcome email with a temporary password to sign into the portal. Once you’ve logged in, you can update your password within your account settings. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can go here to request a password reset.

What referrals are eligible for the Referral Rewards?2020-01-31T19:36:43-05:00

Referral must not fit in any of the following categories if you are seeking the Referral Rewards:

  1. Cannot refer one’s own business.
  2. Referral cannot already have/use Lavu.
  3. Must be a new opportunity.
  4. Those receiving a combination of referral and other incentives.
  5. Cannot join the Program if you are an active Lavu Reseller.

What if I am not located in the U.S.?2020-01-24T10:55:40-05:00

In order to be eligible for any Referral Program, you must either be located within the United States or Mexico. To ensure you are enrolled in the correct Program, click the U.S. Program or the Mexico Program.

What They’re Saying About Lavu

The Superior Solution in Restaurant Management, Payments, and POS

Rude Boy Cookies

“Lavu has been proven to be a great tool for my business, Rude Boy Cookies. We use it to track sales, manage our menu mix and input schedules to name a few. I look forward to growing my business with Lavu along for the ride. ”

Michael Silva

Rude Boy Cookies
Pinon Coffee Company

” Any time I have a question, I can talk to anyone at Lavu 24/7. They always answer and are able to help fix any issue. Not every single business is the same. It’s nice to be able to customize the system to our needs and pick and choose what we want. ”

Matt Bregar

President, Piñon Coffee Company
Devon's Pop Smoke

” Lavu is very straightforward, it also integrates nicely with some of the other applications that allows us to even drill in deeper and to really understand where all of our money’s going. ”

Jeremy Dow

Owner, Devon’s Pop Smoke