Connecting Radtab to your venue is like doubling your bar staff. We want bar bartenders to focus on making great drinks and personal connections ensuring patrons enjoy their time at your venue. Think of Radtab as Uber at the bar. Our intuitive app allows bar staff to no longer have to collect credit cards and receipts when opening and closing tabs.

When a tab is opened on the Radtab app it creates a ticket on your existing POS setup just like a normal tab would. Customers order verbally with the bartenders and when bar staff enters the order in your POS system it automatically updates on the customer’s Radtab app. The patron can close and tip when ready to leave (default tip is 20%). We automatically print a copy of the merchant receipt for the bar and customers are emailed one. More importantly we offer 10+ chargeback protections to make sure your business gets the money it deserves and aren’t dealing with credit card companies.

This brings great conveniences to the bar-goers as well since they aren’t having to annoy bar staff to close their tab. Bar owners also have the ability to view past and current Radtabs in real-time from the owner dashboard.

All possible with no added hardware, billing, training for staff. Setup takes minutes and oh yea its free for our bars!!

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