Restaurant POS System

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a great dining experience and business success can go hand in hand.

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Running a restaurant isn’t easy. There are always countless tasks to perform, and you can’t ever stop paying attention to profit margins, staff performance, customer satisfaction, and competition.

Give yourself the support you need Lavu’s restaurant management software provides all the tools your business needs to simplify operations and grow sales.

Increase Sales

Actionable business insights show you where improvements can be made. State-of-the-art technology streamlines operations at every step. The results can help boost your bottom line.

Improve Customer Service

With faster, more accurate orders, guests walk away happier – and tell their friends to check out your restaurant. Build a following by providing an exceptional dining experience, every time.

Enhance Efficiency

Miscommunication, misplaced orders, missing payments: not things you have to worry about anymore. Use Lavu POS software to ensure that everyone is in sync and all processes are moving along as they should.

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Lavu Restaurant POS Software

Front of House Features

Open tables, open orders, and payment status

Servers and bar staff can see the exact layout of your restaurant or bar reflected on the screen. A customized layout helps track open tables and orders as well as payment status.

How it should be cooked

With a customized menu you can add the right modifiers, forced and optional, to ensure your servers are upselling whenever possible and sending all necessary information to the kitchen.

Back of House Features

Total Efficiency

Lavu’s mobile restaurant POS saves time for servers and kitchen staff. Information is sent quickly from the front of house to the back with no need for running around and less room for mistakes.

Scheduling Shifts

Staff can trade shifts and clock in or out with utmost efficiency and ease.

Inventory Tracking

Cut back on food waste while keeping key ingredients in stock.

Why Do You Need
Lavu’s Restaurant POS?

Reduce Costs

Control inventory purchases

Reduce training hours

Monitor labor hours

Total Efficiency

Keep track of high profit menu items

Reduce waste from human error

Track discounts and comps

Loyal Customers

Reward loyal customers

Reduce wait times & mistakes

Create a custom loyalty app

Restaurant POS Software

Cloud based to allow for real-time reports.

Restaurant POS Hardware

Compact terminals and tableside devices free up space and save valuable time.

Payment Processing

Highly secure with end-to-end encryption and EMV chip card technology. Sensitive credit card information is neither stored or seen.

365/24/7 Customer Support

Our second-to-none Customer Care team is always here to help you.

Lavu POS is Versatile for
Different Types of Restaurants

We have the restaurant type that best fits your establishment.
Find out today why Lavu POS is a good fit for you and your business.

Full Service

Fast Casual


Nightclub & Bar

Coffee Shop



Enterprise Level

Systematize Your Full-Service
Restaurant with Lavu POS Software


Lavu reports are comprehensive and fully customizable based on your needs.

Increased Order Accuracy

Lavu provides clear communications between front of house and back of house. That means improved order accuracy for a better customer experience and less food waste.

Nightclubs & Bars Manage
Better with Lavu Bar POS

Preauthorize Bar Tabs

Lavu’s tab feature helps your bartenders crush it during the rush. They can easily add a preauthorized credit card to each tab to cut down on end of rush payment processing.

Check Customers Out with Ease

Split even the most convoluted checks easily. Allow customers to choose from print or electronic receipts and signatures.

Customize Your Happy Hours

Don’t let your busy times slow you down. Set your bar menu prices to change for multiple happy hours allowing staff to focus on customers and eliminating human error.

Cater to All Your Needs with
Our Customizable Coffee Shop POS

Menu Customization

Lavu restaurant POS is perfect for your unique menu. No matter how many fancy coffee choices you want to offer, you can customize Lavu to show your specifications.

Layout Customization

Replicate your actual table layout on the Lavu screen to help your staff with table service.

Increased Order Accuracy

Building a good relationship with customers helps increase repeat business and order frequency. Engage and reward your customers to keep them coming back.

Quick-Serve Restaurant POS
Allows You to Track Your Costs

Track Food Costs

Maintain tight control of your inventory, track your purchase orders, and know your quantities down to each recipe ingredient. Make real-time inventory adjustments, see real-time levels as items sell, and get notified when you’re running low.

Track Labor Costs

Simplify labor management using shift scheduling, time clock functionality, and labor reporting.

Speed Up Your Service
Using Lavu’s Pizza POS