Restaurant 90 Day Pre-Opening Planning Chart

The 90 Day Restaurant Pre-Opening Planning Chart

A restaurant pre-opening planning chart will guide you through the steps you’ll need to take before opening a restaurant.

Inside the 90 Day Pre-Planning Chart for Opening a Restaurant

Before the grand opening of your restaurant, you need to take everything into consideration. A business plan is a good place to start as it will lay out everything for you. Consider the kitchen equipment that you will need and the number of staff to recruit. A restaurant pre-opening planning checklist will ensure you don’t overlook anything.

Remember that an opening schedule should highlight all the restaurant’s needs. You want to have a clear path to follow, and a way of marking what has been achieved. A schedule also helps you deal with the issue of deadlines and outline the milestones that you need to reach during the three-month period.

  • A soft opening of the restaurant
  • Your social media launch
  • Daily pre-launch milestones

With the right restaurant checklist, you can ensure you don’t miss a thing. Download the 90 Day Pre-Planning Chart and make your journey easier.

With this exclusive 90 Day Pre-Planning Chart, you can:

  • Choose a restaurant concept in time
  • Implement your business plan accurately
  • Launch your restaurant in time
  • Plan your menu items
  • Ascertain your funding needs
  • Promote your restaurant at the right time

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