Thanks to a recent tech evolution, the human resources arena is undergoing extraordinary changes. Legacy HR systems that led to cloud-based HR have evolved into a new generation of tools: HR automation.

These new automation programs remove most of the manual effort that has plagued HR departments for decades, which means less papers, forms, and files, and more organization, speed, and agility. Whether it’s managing payrolls or updating benefits, companies of all sizes benefit from HR automation. 

The first companies to dive in and explore how useful HR automation is was, unsurprisingly, large corporations with thousands of employees. Fortunately, more small businesses are starting to understand how useful automation is to evolve their business needs, including restaurants. 

With HR automation, restaurants can create, streamline, connect, and deploy any service quickly at affordable costs—with the bonus of having a very slim margin for human error. 

As a restaurant owner or manager, you know how much time can be spent keeping up with schedules, labor costs, and more. You might even be in the position where you’re the only person capable of keeping up with all the HR demands. One person can only do so much. If you’re still relying on length paper trails, it’s time to stop and evolve. HR is now automated, and it’s going to improve the way your business runs. You can spend the extra time training staff, connecting with customers, or making important upgrades. 

Because restaurants have the highest turnover rates of any industry, and have strict HR guidelines to follow, while operating in highly stressful conditions, it makes sense for restaurants to turn to HR automation. Depending on what your business needs, there’s a program that can help you. See below how automation can resolve your HR nightmares and grow your business.

Keeping Track of Schedule Requests and Timesheets 

Keeping track of employee schedules, time-off requests, and timesheets is chaotic when tracked with paper forms. Even digital forms are not totally reliable for a few reasons:

  • Manually captured clock-in and -out times are prone to errors and inaccuracies. 
  • Employees can fake the times. 
  • More time is spent correcting it than updating.

This is all time consuming and labor intensive. If you or your HR manager are dealing with these mundane tasks of chasing, collecting, and authenticating information, it’s time to move to an automated timesheet and scheduling program. There are several great features that speed up the process, like an intuitive drag-and-drop schedule builder, a mobile app to check time-off requests, or a facial recognition app to clock an employee in. 

Improve Staff Communication

Harri offers a next-generation software technology platform that helps hospitality business build, manage, and engage their teams. With more than 30 modules, the platform provides solutions for talent acquisition, employer branding, applicant tracking, scheduling, time & attendance, communications, compliance, and analytics. With 400,000 job seekers and 9,000 employers, Harri is a best in class solution that helps solve for the labor-related challenges that plague the hospitality industry. Based in NYC, Harri has global offices in the UK and the Middle East and was recently named to the 2018 Top Startups List by LinkedIn.

Get Labor Insights 

Eliminating human errors and automating menial tasks reduces the huge cost factor associated with HR software. Unlike an off-the-shelf HRMS, HR automation enables organizations to selectively automate the processes they need to–organizations won’t have to invest huge sums to acquire software that includes a whole slew of unnecessary features.

“Organizations save 10-20 percent in overall benefits and HR delivery costs with HR process automation” – Hewitt Associates

Unlike stand-alone HR systems, automation doesn’t require huge upfront investment and hefty maintenance fees. Most HR automation tools in the market offer a pay-as-you-use model, making it an ideal choice for SMBs who need to ramp up their HR processes within a stipulated budget.

Cloud-Based Payroll

You work hard enough building a successful restaurant. With Paychex, managing HR, benefits, and payroll is easy. Paychex offers a full range of cost-effective services that can grow and change with your restaurant needs. With solutions tailored to the unique needs of the restaurant model, and dedicated professionals in HR and tax regulations, we work closely with you so you can focus on the success of your business. Paychex is all about choice. Whether you want to process payroll yourself on our cloud platform, or have a specialist call you, our service allows you to focus on what you do best.

Benefits Solutions

We are an HR service company that enables organizations to untether themselves from the highly manual aspects of the employee life cycle by providing game-changing software, as well as provide them sleep at night insurance by ensuring they maintain compliancy with the ever-changing labor law landscape, and we provide practical HR support for companies who want us to “manage” the HR function.

Whatever your challenge, StratEx offers HR, payroll and benefits solutions to meet a variety of business needs.