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Gone are the days of traditional dining. With the evolution of technology, front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house operations have changed. While the transformation marks a new era in the industry, the good news is your POS system is working harder for you. The backbone of your restaurant, Point of Sale systems are essential no matter the size of the business. The right POS system provides a powerful platform to boost sales and streamline operations. It gives you a solid foundation for all of your information requirements and application needs, today and tomorrow, so you can focus on growing your business.

A must-have to accept credit and debit payments yet offer more than just basic cash transactions, your POS terminal is a compact computer with an integrated touchscreen specifically designed to streamline operations throughout the restaurant. The compact design helps save counter space and contain the features to handle any environment.

From traditional computer displays to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, the display is the beginning, but your POS may consist of multiple stations, credit card terminals, receipt printers, hostess stations and server stations.

Don’t forget mobility when it comes to your terminal. Your main POS system can communicate with other terminals and be connected to a server in the back room for networking stability. With the rise in mobile options, expand with handheld devices wirelessly linked to the main system.

Many POS systems such as Lavu are designed to respond to the correlating environment with customizable options including languages. POS system in place can add convenience, accuracy and save time.

Above all? Most importantly, make sure your terminal works for you.