Restaurant Technology

Has your bar ever been so busy on a Friday night that your staff was unable to keep up? It can be difficult for your bartenders to keep track of each card with an open tab while trying to make sure nobody walks out without paying. Pre-authorizing credit cards is the perfect way to alleviate these all-too-familiar scenarios.

We’ve made the process of setting up credit card pre-authorizations as easy as possible. Three simple steps are all that stand between you and cutting losses from bar tabs that customers walk out on.

  1. On the control panel, select the “Settings” category and click on “CC Integration”.
  2. Customize the pre-authorization process including: the default pre-authorization amount, how tips and signatures are captured, and how the receipt is delivered, either printed or emailed to the customer.
  3. Click the “Submit” button on the bottom of the page and reload settings the next time the app is opened.

Now your bartenders can quickly swipe a credit card to create a tab, and immediately pre-authorize it. Your customers and staff will love how easy it is to open a tab, and you’ll enjoy watching your high-margin drink revenue grow.