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Whether it’s a local brewpub, taproom, or micro-brewery, it’s safe to say breweries have become more popular than ever before. Here to stay, gone are the days of dingy warehouse brew factories. With craft beer culture expanding, breweries are stepping up their game, offering tours, merchandise, and in many cases, food. Quickly becoming an urban icon, with their increase in popularity, many breweries now need an integrated all-in-one point of sale (POS) system.

 With so many options for processing payments, it can be confusing to decide which POS is the right one. When you’re running something unique such as a brewpub, your processes must run at an optimum level. A POS for a brewery needs to be able to handle services not normally offered by standard bar/restaurant POS systems. Forget old-school cash registers and basic card processing machines. Small and large businesses are upgrading to POS systems that operate on iPads and iPhones for more perks while spending less money.

 To streamline all aspects of the business, here are the newest POS upgrades the smartest breweries are tapping into: 


A reliable brewery POS software system and easy-to-use payment processing let you organize operations, automate tasks, and boost productivity, saving you time and money. Want to keep track of your in-house brews and keg rentals with one system? With new POS systems, you can process transactions anywhere and have them accounted for within the same system. Now, pubs can process transactions on the spot while delivering kegs to restaurants, events, and festivals.

The last thing you want to do is turn down sales at events by having your POS system go down or going to cash only. Choose a reliable POS system that offers offline mode to keep the transactions going. Patrons at mobile events don’t want to carry cash, so be there to take their card payments with an upgraded mobile POS system.

Mobile POS Features

  •       Take payments at events and stop saying no to money
  •       Take the payment system to the patron to let them pay at the table
  •       Advanced access for cocktail waitresses
  •       Take all types of payment methods while mobile, boosting sales
  •       Keep track of all payment types and locations with one system
  •       Sync your inventory across all devices even when on the move
  •       Automated ticketing means your servers don’t have to return to the bar for each order
  •       Reduce the time and error of taking orders by giving all servers a mobile device to take orders

Bar Tabs

Create a full-service experience. Use a bar POS system to run simultaneous tabs for customers who swipe their card and leave the tab open. Categorize bar tabs by credit card or by a customer’s name. Remove the stress of storing and finding patrons’ credit cards. Now, it’s simple to keep credit card numbers associated with the tab for faster settling, and unparalleled service. Even better, visitors can add on merchandise during their visit, such as ordering a drink and a shirt at the same time, without the hassle of separate transactions.

Customers are more likely to place multiple orders if their card is only being run once. It makes them think less about the amount they are spending and allows them to be more spontaneous when paying on a tab.

Happy Hours

Minimize your effort by maximizing efficiency with automated happy hour deals on drinks and food. Choose discount rates (“draft beers 20% off”), dates and times, or set up a fixed discount (“All apps $5 until 6 pm”).

Tips for a smooth happy hour

  • Keep it straightforward! Make less work for yourself and spotlight on things that you can get ready previously or set up together rapidly. Serve scaled-down food portions or finger food that doesn’t require utilizing utensils so visitors can avoid the conventions of taking a seat at a table setting.
  • Keep up with your inventory. Don’t offer something during Happy Hour that you are running low on. Push items that don’t sell as well when offering a discount to maximize profits and increase their popularity.
  • Timing is crucial when it comes to a successful and profitable happy hour. Go before the dinner rush or times when you typically see fewer patrons in your bar. This will ensure you are not slashing prices when you are already your busiest, and instead of bringing in new customers.


Work smarter, not harder. Keep track of what’s in-stock with automated inventory lists that regulate what is in on-hand, and what is sold. Take advantage of your most popular orders to increase your revenues, while reducing unwanted expenses on underperforming items. Grow sales by identifying purchasing trends and keep track of future stock changes. Keep on top of sales volumes and totals, identify trends that customers love, and vice versa. With a greater understanding of what your customers love, you now have the power for future business growth.

How can having an inventory system built into your POS work for your bar?

An integrated inventory system has been proven to increase profits due to automated inventory reporting. Have more accurate reorders, keep track of your best sellers for your brewery, and anticipate when to place reorders by using the best-integrated inventory systems. According to Bar-i’s extensive research, which integrates with Lavu, having an inventory system built into your POS can reduce costs by more than 3%.

Automated inventory reporting

Tight net revenues are what keep breweries focused and in business. Because of this, the straightforwardness of creating reports for inventory to guarantee you are remaining over the edge of benefit to profit is of critical significance. Utilize the report data gave through Lavu’s all-inclusive POS framework to roll out fundamental improvements in your business and help cultivate development through the progress.

Keep track of your best sellers

Through automated inventory reporting, you can keep a clear picture of what offerings are selling well and which are not. This information will help plan marketing programs, develop sales, and reordering.

Anticipate reorders

Know when to place orders and plan around slow times to avoid a rush while trying to maintain inventory and unload an order. Having an upgraded inventory system in place by obtaining a superior POS system for your bar or brewery through Lavu will help you plan your week out better and create schedules that work for your business.

Accurate Reordering

Through Lavu’s integration with Bar-i, you will receive an ordering guide that will give you detailed information on just what needs to be ordered and when. Utilizing this resource will reduce waste while ensuring you never run out of your most popular items.

Loyalty Programs for Bars

Loyalty cards and programs aren’t just for big-chain retailers anymore. With new integrations built into POS systems such as Lavu’s loyalty application, it’s never been easier to make a loyalty program work for your bar. Loyalty programs are shown to increase profits by great amounts across the foodservice and drink service industries, and adding one to your brewery’s retail side will prove beneficial.

An integrated program for loyalty customers through Lavu powers comprehensive reward systems while providing a sense of connection to loyal brewery members. The loyalty program offered through Lavu highlights advantages, for example, pay-in-application and prepaying for dinners for loyal individuals, sparing them time and bother. Clients likewise have the alternative to registration to your area through the application to acquire dependability focuses. The program is adaptable enough to work with existing email records, CRMs, and installment portals that your café, as of now, has set up. Utilizing our dedication program coordinated with our effectively broad announcing framework related to our POS will assist you with becoming more acquainted with your clients better and upsell their preferred things to them.

Intuitive Reporting

QuickBooks Integration and Accounting Shortcuts

Accounting and bookkeeping take a large amount of time and can be costly, especially when outsourced. By integrating your POS system with Quickbooks accounting is made simple. Point by point reports are accessible through the announcing framework on everything from work to deals to action. Your books will be a lot simpler to represent and follow, rather than agonizing over losing receipts or having an extensive paper trail to represent toward the finish of each move.

Customer Demographic Information

Through detailed reporting of inventory paired with customer demographic information, planning events and marketing campaigns have never been simpler.

Integrations for POS Specific to Bars offered by Lavu

  •       Bar-i
  •       BeerSaver
  •       BarVision


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