Restaurant Technology

From dating to health, consumers are relying on apps to guide them. Dining out is no exception; customers are seeking restaurants that integrate the latest reservation technology. It’s no secret that day-to-day activities are moving at a fast pace, and the ease of online reservation tech is seductive to the modern customer. 

Even though people still don’t mind calling a restaurant to make a reservation, there is strong evidence that shows that reserving a table online is preferable. According to this 1,000-person poll:

  • “47% of restaurant consumers said that making reservations online is easier than making restaurant reservations in other ways.” 
  • “44% said they are more likely to make restaurant reservations if they have the option to do so online.” 
  • “34% said they’re more likely to choose restaurants that offer the ability to make online reservations.”

Today, we share some great apps for restaurants and bars. They optimize the guest experience and make your FOH’s job easier, and can be integrated with your current restaurant POS system. Across the board, you’ll find the same industry-standard features: 

  1. Online reservation-making platform that includes a calendar and available times.
  2. An automatic confirmation system.
  3. Easy point of sale integration. 
  4. Streamlined table management. 

Diners benefit from a streamlined booking process that displays available times and provides instant confirmation of bookings, coupled with the ability to communicate specific wants and needs. While your staff enjoys the perks of a transparent system, faster communication, and in some cases, behavior trends


Is your restaurant in Canada? If so, check out Bookenda. It’s Canada’s largest online reservation platform and is best described as a do-it-all CRM. The company offers a built-in social media feature so restaurants can expand their reach outside their usual network (for free) and a built-in loyalty program to draw them back. 

It also has the features that you can expect from most reservation systems, such as having SMS technology to send confirmations and a cloud-based server that allows you to take stock of things anywhere with your phone. 

One stand-out quality about Bookenda is the option to create personalized profiles of customers.

Loyalty Program 

Bookenda is Canada’s largest online reservation company with a network of restaurants exceeding 700 locations, providing them with the most advanced software in the market. Seating over 250,000 diners a week, Bookenda connects restaurants with their diners from more places while growing personalized profiles to enable a higher level of service and optimal experience for diners and venues alike. 

A young company exhibiting exponential growth, they aim to change the way restauranteurs view the online reservation industry. With no reservation fees and a commitment to service, Bookenda is what people are looking for. 


Seatninja is a restaurant management platform that provides powerful operational and customer data, empowers hosts to manage their front of house more efficiently, and creates better experiences for customers.


Resy is a complete restaurant reservation and waitlist system. We offer cutting edge software, fair pricing, and 24/7/365 customer service. Resy includes table management, ticketing, web booking, CRM, mobile app, POS integration, and more.

Every feature we build is developed with our restaurant partners. It’s their vision of the future, and we think you’ll like it too. These features include:

  • Table management with integrated CRM
  • Unlimited users, unlimited devices, unlimited covers
  • Waiting list with two-way SMS
  • Resy Notify, our self-serve reservation waitlist for guests
  • Automated SMS confirmation system
  • Five reservation types from cancellation fees to deposits
  • Ticketing with PCI-compliant credit card handling

Resy Fly knows your tables, turns, pacing, and shifts, and can maximize your turns with each reservation.

Wait Busters

Emphasis on Socials 

  • Online Ordering: Third-party delivery support, POS integrations, in-house delivery, driver logistics, hot spot delivery and more!
  • Wait Line Management: No paper and pen, no buzzers, wait line predictor, SMS communications and incremental revenue with Jump The Line.
  • Reservations Management: No more per-cover fees, Amazon Alexa and Facebook Chat, and new revenue stream with Select Your Table feature.

Marketing & Loyalty: Highest converting retention, new customer tools with our SMS Marketing, and Social Media Sharing.