Restaurant Technology

Food trucks are fueled by more than just diesel. Across the country, food truck operators are relying on the latest technology to streamline operations, manage wait times, inform customers, and so much more. Today, we list the must-have technologies for food trucks. They’re designed to distinguish your food truck from the competition while boosting efficiency. 

A Mobile Point-of-Sale System

Using a specialized Food Truck POS system is a no-brainer. Mobility is central to a food truck business, and your point of sale should support that. Using a handheld device like an iPad to run credit cards, manage inventory, and place orders streamline operations and fit into the limited space of a food truck. Plus, the ubiquitous nature of a touch-screen means that you don’t have to train new drivers or employees on how to use it—it’s intuitive and easy to learn.

Space, ease, and cost are not the only reasons why many food truck owners are opting for a mobile POS system: 

Menu customization—If you offer multiple sides, different condiments, or other specialty additions, you can customize your menu to feature all that’s available. These customization options can also be used to remove items, which is imperative for customers with allergies.

Send orders quickly—Chances are you have long lines; keep it moving by sending orders to your chef straight-away. Your guests are patient, but during a rush period, there is not a second to waste.

Process payments fast—There’s nothing more tedious than waiting for a faulty server connection to process credit and debit cards. Help your guests ease through your food truck experience with fast card technology.

Pull up sales reports anywhere, anytime—The beauty of a modern POS system is the flexibility it presents you as the owner. If you cannot be on location, you can still have your ear to the ground by pulling up sales reports anywhere in the world.

Manage inventory—Check how your best-sellers are doing and manage your purchase orders in one easy flow. With a digital inventory tracker integrated with your mobile POS system, you can schedule automatic orders and get demographic information for your best sellers.

Going digital with a Food Truck POS is the obvious choice for food truck operators striving for efficient, successful operation.

Where are you now?

Running a prosperous food truck business is reliant on customers knowing your location. While your ease of mobility helps you to stand out and try different neighborhoods, it can also be a disadvantage when potential customers can’t find you.

There are three ways to put the word out there:

GPS Tracking

In some cities, like Boston, GPS tracking devices are required for all food trucks. But for all intents and purposes, GPS tracking is something all food truck operators should consider. If you rely on your guests to check Twitter and Facebook, you might be missing out on a host of potential customers. That’s because many companies and firms are blocking social media sites from work computers.

Since shouting through a megaphone isn’t very effective, try a mobile website with GPS tracking. Tech companies like Mobile Meteor have a unique system that allows food trucks to update their location at all times. Customers simply have to visit the food truck’s website for an accurate location.

Aggregate Food Truck Location Apps and Sites

Another option is to sign up with local, regional, and national sites that aggregate food truck locations. For instance, Food Network developed the app Eat St. to allow users to search for food trucks by location or cuisine. Being present on these apps helps new and old customers find you. Joining these networks takes the pressure away from informing customers of your whereabouts and attracts new diners.