Did you know with Lavu’s partnership with MenuDrive, you can partner with premier delivery services for free? If you haven’t taken advantage of this free online ordering and delivery integration tool, click here. Your customers are looking for your restaurant online, and they need pickup and delivery options now, with this no-cost tool you’ll pivot your business to the needs of your customers today.

Partnering with a Delivery Service Saves Time and Money

Are you taking delivery orders over the phone, entering them into your POS system, sending them to the kitchen, then having your delivery driver take them to your customers? While a lot of restaurants still use this system for taking orders for delivery, it’s outdated, and it is wasting valuable time and resources. When you implement an online ordering service like MenuDrive, your process is streamlined and you have your own online ordering storefront.

What do you need to do to set up online delivery?

Make sure your menu is up-to-date and that all items you have available for delivery can be delivered and arrive just as tasty as they would to a diner’s plate in the restaurant. Once you’ve updated your menu, it’s time to choose a delivery service that works best for your restaurant. We recommend MenuDrive, which utilizes DoorDash to deliver orders, at no cost to the restaurant.

What Makes MenuDrive and Lavu’s delivery partnership better?

MenuDrive and Lavu’s delivery partnership makes online delivery and pickup orders a breeze for your customers, and streamlines the process within your restaurant. You can take advantage of these valuable features of MenuDrive when you access your free account through Lavu:

 Branded Online Ordering: MenuDrive gives a personalized branded marketing on the web and versatile ordering platforms for your eatery with client analytics, automated marketing, and a plethora of auxiliary features that no other platform comes close to competing with. Their cutting-edge technology and food ordering software will have you soaring above competing restaurants.

Improved Takeout Operations: MenuDrive is on a mission to improve order processing for all restaurants by giving restaurant customers multiple ordering options. Almost half of MenuDrive’s users are Millennials, of which 90% use their mobile devices to place food orders.

Increase Restaurant Sales Without Increased Ad Spend: When you add a web-based ordering system for your restaurant, you’ll have the chance to upsell certain menu items, process large orders, and use automated marketing to build promotions and increase sales.

Marketing and Promotional Features: Get the word out 24/7 about your restaurant with marketing and promotion features such as automated email, promo broadcasts, and MenuDrive’s state-of-the-art coupon builder. You’ll connect your restaurant to potential customers at alarming rates.

Loyalty Programs: Having a loyalty program helps you get ahead of the competition with customized offerings and analytics of your loyal patrons.

Mobile Ordering: MenuDrive creates a mobile responsive copy of your restaurant’s website for customers to place an order, letting you reach more customers no matter what device they use to place online orders.

Credit Card Processing: When you use MenuDrive in conjunction with Lavu, you’ll get credit card processing from PCI-compliant payment processors. These processors provide better cybersecurity for payments.   

How can you change delivery options on Google My Business?

Google My Business has integrated delivery from third-party companies through their local search, but you have the power to choose who delivers for your customers. To turn off the delivery option for knowledge cards, which are shown on Google Maps results, you’ll need to opt-out of online delivery with this Google form. This sounds like a scary idea when so many are dependent on online orders. Still, it merely disconnects your business profile from third-party delivery services you haven’t chosen to partner with.

When customers use the online order option displayed in Google search results, your business sees a reduction in profit from each order due to receiving the orders from an outside source. If you want better control over your bottom line when it comes to delivery, you may want to turn this feature off.